Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We are in California!

This is our home from June 21 to July 21.

On July 5th, at 7:22 pm Pacific Standard time we crossed the border between Oregon and California.

Since we left Odessa we attended two excellent conferences in Germany, had a great reunion and fellowship with Dave and Teri and Grace Church in Utah. We traveled from Salt Lake City area to Portland Oregon are to be part of a VBS at Grace Point Baptist. This included new friends, fun interaction with staff and kids and a meaningful reunion with the McCracken family. Next we spent four days at Beverly Beach on the Oregon coast. What a joy to see the Pacific Ocean again. We have been enjoying some relaxing family vacation time. We stopped at a motel for some showers and laundry and its back to the tents. More later.

Our Fourth of July walk...Ahhh the Pacific Coast!!