Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trusting God in Hard Moments

An article submission by Micah Mosse for ClubHouse Magazine.

Micah (in middle) with her brother (Joseph) and
sister (Anya) on the first day of School.
I'm an MK (missionary kid) from Ukraine, Europe.  I was almost four when my family moved here. My brother was six, and he was home schooled until 3rd grade when he went to a Ukrainian school.  I eventually started to go to a Ukrainian school, too, but I got a class with a teacher who had a loud voice. She used her loud voice often.  I "put up with" that school for two years, and then was home schooled for 3rd and 4th grade. After that my parents began to consider putting me back into public Ukrainian school. Because of the bad experience at the last school, I wholeheartedly disagreed. It was toward the end of August that I started to agree.  It was a day I was feeling particularly left out of the decision.  I think God spoke to me, and told me that this new school is what He wanted for me.

I’ll probably appreciate the decision when I’m 20, but, I have to admit it, right now, I’m having a difficult time. It has been a hard almost two years, but I learned some important lessons and have been strengthened by my faith in God.  I have nice friends, and some teachers are good and some not so good.  I am almost done with 6th grade, and my parents are thinking about sending me to a school designed for MK's! I don't know what our decision is going to be yet, but I'll leave it in God's hand.  Things seem to work out better when I do that!

Micah M.
12 years old