Sunday, April 26, 2009

Closing Day

April 25, 2009 was Anya’s and Micah’s last day of t-ball and softball. No sublime or profound thoughts here. We just had a good time watching. Here is Anya’s final team and parent on field celebration.

Here is a picture of our little girl (LG), the catcher, intimidating the third base runner. You can just hear it, "Go my day."

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To my two grand-girls:
Anya your playing softball will forever be a "best" memory for me, right here in my heart. For you played with great 6 year old form and style...which translates to fun, fun, fun, fun, fun..Oh what a good time!!!!
Micah also my months of softball enjoyment for your team was greatly enhanced by your presence, your giving that uniform an extra
touch of authority (especially the catcher's uniform)tough nine year old glances to third base, etc...and your enthusiastic chatter, will forever live in my heart of very special times..
Thanks my dear grand-girls...for the memories..
Love you, Love you,
Grandma L.
xxxooo said...

Micah Joy & Anya Nicole:
Just to let you know...I will miss you so...I will miss you lots...Here among the pots...(When I'm in the kitchen!) For I've watched this year.
two girls very dear...grow another year...and make me want to that all can hear...How very proud I'am to say that I'm your "Gram"...
I love you two...

Jackie Avila said...

Hi Mosse Family

I just found your Blog

I haven't stopped thinking about you since you left Ca. We really miss you! Your Blog is wonderful and now I'm all caught up and don't have to wonder about how your doing. I still pray for you. I drove by your house when school first started and Gracie wanted to stop and play with the girls. She cried when I said you were in the Ukraine.

It's great to see La Habra Girls Softball all the way in the Ukraine. Keep playing softball their too. Your an awsome catcher Micah.

Karly's playing Fall softball and her pitching is improving. She's the starting pitcher.

She just got new eyeglasses yesterday.

Rudy, is coaching Gracie's AYSO Soccer Team. Pray for him.

Your prayers worked we moved! We moved just last week to Harbor and Stearns in La Habra. Much better neighborhood. The owner told us to move. It was a blessing in disguise.

The girls love the new place.

I'm still doing AWANA. I'm going to coach Gracie's last year of T-Ball.

Faith, is Homeschooling through Whittier Christian. It's a big adjustment.

I'm so happy to see all of you doing well and that I found your Blog.

Keep playing softball Micah and Anaya.

Karly, says Hi! She parays for you.

Your Friends in Ca.

Jackie and Karly