Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 31

Well its day 31 of the 14 day remodel. So far all has gone pretty well. We have had a couple of electrical glitches but nothing serious. The major work is complete. The arches are in place, Joseph’s new door is installed and yesterday, the walls were painted. Today, we realized that we didn’t have enough floor boards. Went to buy some new ones and of course nobody sells them anymore. We ended up purchasing all new ones. But Julie likes them better. Today the floor boards were installed, the paint was touched up and the ladder was put back.

During construction, life has continued. We took a trip to Kotovsk (a city in the north) with our team, Micah got sick, the schools were closed (not because of our remodel) and Alfie continues to teach at the seminary. We are beginning to feel like we live in a house and not a construction zone again. That is indeed a good feeling.

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