Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Highlights

March has been a busy month. Julie and I did a lot of traveling. We got to spend a week together in Austria – this was a pretty special time. Another great highlight was celebrating Jospeh’s 15th birthday. He is growing into a man so fast. We are proud, sad and happy all at the same time. Anyway, even though he has grown, he maintains some of his childlike ways and humor. Here is a short video glimpse into the last 15 years of life with Joseph.

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Joseph..wanting to tell you how much I enjoyed your 15 birthday video, featuring your life in real living color and pictures of you from babyhood to now...very entertaining and a treat to see...Not so much the pictures of your handsome face going all flubby and wavy...not my favorite...still the whole video fun and a good depiction of a walk down Joseph Mosse's path of life...Enjoying all your art work as well...keep up your artistic endeavors...Love ya....Grandma L. xo