Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Road Again

This will be a short entry this time. The first part of our summer journey was to spend three days with other SEND leaders at a leadership training conference in Germany. It was a fruitful time of excellent instruction, lively discussion, superb fellowship and the best of German food and hospitality. Many of these people joined SEND about the same time we did and we haven’t seen each other in four to five years. It was a great time of learning and reunion.

The next five days were spent at Brake Bible School at the SEND Eurasia Conference. Here, we enjoyed more reunions, challenging teaching from II Corinthians, more fellowship, reports about God’s work in different parts of the world, training, networking, dreaming, planning and of course again the best of German food and hospitality.

But now our good-byes are said again and we will leave tomorrow to spend on night with good friends and then start our odyssey to Utah.

1 comment: said...

Travel prayers from California...
Stay well and safe all of you...
Soon our reunion...yea!!!
xxoXXXoOoXx granma L...M. L.