Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Being New is Old

A. Joseph Mosse' IV
(Pictured second from left with classmates in Odessa)

For most people being the “new guy” is a dreaded experience. But for me it’s a common occurrence. So in a way, being new is old.

When I was a seven, my family moved from America to Ukraine. I was, as Abraham put it, “A stranger in a strange land,” a.k.a. “The new guy”. After I got used to the culture and leaned Russian, I wasn’t new anymore.

Then, after two years of home school, came Ukrainian school. I was suddenly dropped into a class with 29 other strange kids and teachers who only spoke Ukrainian (I only knew Russian). It was also a 45 minute bus ride away from home. Once again, I was the new guy.

After a year of school, my family moved to Odessa. I went to Ukrainian school there. I was the new guy again.

After two years of Odessa, in which was I was no longer new, we went to America for a year. That was about two weeks ago. So, here in America, I am new again! But I’m not scared, because being new is old.

From my experiences of being the “new guy”, God has taught me that I can really trust Him to take care of my needs in one way or another. It might not be the way I expected Him to do it but He’s always faithful. And when I’m “the new guy” and haven’t met any friends, I know that wherever I go God’s always my friend.


daisy1903@hotmail.com said...
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daisy1903@hotmail.com said...

What a treat to read your
"New Guy Expose"..it was very
interesting and enjoyable. To
me you are New and Old and every
thing wonderful, cute and funny
in between...
Read that you received an excellent
grade in your Ukrainian class for
this last semester. Concrats and
I'm proud as punch of you. Here
in America you will be the bilingual kid(super impressive) and one who has a cool middle ages figure collection, and also your
great command of telling a good joke...( I've got a couple for you)
Can't imagine any other 12 yr. old
who is more up for the American
challenge..Have fun as you continue
your travels..
Love you and can't wait to see you,
I wonder if your taller than me, no
you can't be yet!!!...Grandma L.