Sunday, July 6, 2008

Time at Rosewood Farm

We are back from the farm and we had a great time. We spent a lot of time reading, talking, walking, bailing hey, spreading horse manure, fishing, playing and resting. We are very thankful to God for Dr. and Mrs. Black. We were very much refreshed by their kind hospitality, excellent cooking and stimulating conversation. Here are some pictures of us “retreating”.

Alfie and Joseph got up early one morning to go fishing. We caught two bass. While Joseph held one of the fish, it vomited a partially digested frog. He loves that story. We laughed a lot. Below you can see a vidoe of Nathan Black, the farmer, teaching Joseph to clean the fish.
You can also see Dr. Black’s comments at

1 comment: said...

Joseph you look very at home
cleaning that fish..Double and
triple YUCK for all the blood
on that cutting board..But hats
off to you for your courage and
"GUts"....You are truly a boy
with an adventurous attitude..
Good for you..Can't wait to hear
all about your time there...
Love you Grandma L.