Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

We have planned a busy summer. Currently nine teams, on set of long term guests (one month) and an intern are planning on joining us. Besides the visiting teams we have also planned other ministries and travel. So this is what our team looked like in May. Notice the smiles and optimism. Let us see who is standing at the end of August!

Below is a sketch of the summer schedule.

May 30 to July 3 Ron and Jeane Hawkins help at the Black Sea Camp
May 28 – June 11 Construction Team at Black Sea Camp
May 31 – June 10 Susanna travels to Lutsk and renews visa in Poland
May 30 – June 8 Leah traveling around Eastern Ukraine
June 3 Odessa Theological Seminary Board Meeting
June 4 Odessa Theological Seminary Graduation
June 7 – 18 Alfie Teaches intensive Greek Exegesis Class
June 14 – 25 Alfie and Julie lead ESL CafĂ© at Grace Church
June 12 – 25 Construction Team at Black Sea Camp – Joseph will translate
June 28 – July 3 Julie leads ESL camp at Black sea camp with American team
July 5 – 9 VBS/ESL team in the city of Yuzhney
July 3 – 17 Construction Team at Black Sea Camp
July 3 – 10 Sports outreach team
July 10 – 27 VBS/ESL team in the City of Kotovsk
July 29 – August 12 Vacation in Croatia/Joseph to participate in MK camp July 31 – August 6
August 1-7 VBS/Outreach in the city of Sheryava
August 8-14 VBS/Outreach in the city of Lubashovka
August 2-16 Outreach in the city of Fruzevka
August 18 – 22 SEND Ukraine Conference

We have news already. Ron and Jeane have arrived fine. We enjoyed watching Joseph singing in the choir on Sunday night. Ron and Jeane were greeted at Grace Church by many old friends.

Today is Monday, May 31, 2010. The Community Bible team missed their plane in New York and will be arriving later than planned. They will fly into Kiev and take either a bus or train down to Odessa. We are still smiling, but this is just the beginning.

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