Monday, June 7, 2010

Week One Summer 2010

Ron and Jeane Hawkins arrived on Saturday fine and enjoyed reconnecting with old friends. It is great to be with them again.

The Community Bible church team missed their flights in New York and Amsterdam. The arrived about a half day late and spent the night in Kiev. They were able to take a bus to Odessa and are now working at the camp. However, their luggage is still in transit. I spent the better part of Wednesday on the phone with two airports and a deliver service. We managed to pick up two suitcases today and two are in transition. On

On Thursday Steve Wooden, the area director arrived and we participated in the board meeting at Odessa Theological seminary. After the board meeting we enjoyed a picnic with the seminary students and staff. During the staff meeting I received a text message that the team at the Black Sea Camp finally received their luggage – Praise God.

Friday was OTS graduation. We enjoyed seeing the graduates receive their diplomas, give speeches and receives words of exhortation. After the graduation was a reception then a time for the students to thank their professors. It was an all day event but very enjoyable.
While we were at the graduation reception, I received a text message that our team-mate’s car was stolen. She, Susanna, is in Lutsk to take part in a friends wedding then go to Poland to receive a new visa. The police are working on it but we have very little hope.

Saturday was the 10 year celebration of the Grace Church Foster Home ministry. Steve and our family went up to the Black Sea Camp to celebrate. A delegation from Germany also came for the specific purpose of celebrating with the kids. The weather was perfect. We enjoyed a time of remembrance, good food and the beach!

Sunday, I (Alfie) translated for the American team at the church service. Julie and the girls stayed home because Micah fell on Saturday and had to nurse a leg another day. She is fine now. After church, we took the team to the catacombs and then downtown. I left then with Dave and Barb at about 4:30 and went home. It was good to be back home, but we had no electricity so we played, “Would you Rather” and all went to bed. Sunday night I was also asked to change my schedule for teaching Monday. I am now teaching Monday afternoon.

What a week!

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